Who is Patty?

by Patty Shaw on July 9, 2014

Who is Patty Shaw?

I was born in Detroit Michigan and the second child and second daughter of a family with nine children.

My dad is an Architect, furniture maker and fixer of just about anything.  My mom is a homemaker who believed in home cooked meals and bake goods, making your own clothes, books over TV, chores, and playing outside.  Life at home was chaotic, messy and loud.  We had two washing machines, and a deep freeze the size of a coffin in the basement.  My parents would buy a half of a cow from the butcher, have it wrapped into little white paper packages and have it delivered to the house.  We filled that freezer and lived off that cow for quite a while.  Still, my mother needed two carts when going grocery shopping and at least one kid to help her. Believe it or not we used to fight over who got to go shopping with her.

Bookshelves were crammed with interesting books about the world, people, crafts, science, literature and history. The lowest shelf was for the children’s books.  Nine children read a lot of books.

All us kids were encouraged to read, create, and explore. Art was a big part of family life.  So was morality, church, education, and music.  My parents loved culture and made sure we were exposed to classical and folk music as well as rock and roll.  They also kept their problems away from us and did their cursing and complaining in code. Never the less, we usually figured it out and talked amongst themselves about it.

In the summer the ball game was always on the radio and you could always find dad by following the sound of his whistling.  I could always find my mom sewing, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry or collapsed on the couch for a little siesta.

I had fun, learned to play the flute, was on the field hockey team, and sang in the choir.  I was skinny, shy, and randomly fearless. I tended to visit hobbies instead of get really into them like my sisters and brothers did.  I was kind of like a honey bee flitting flower to flower.  Enjoying them all but not getting too attached to any particular one. By the time I finished college I had Frankensteined a degree together and got my diploma in Park Planning and Design.  Not the most practical of degrees.  I managed to find work as a landscape designer, marry my high school sweetheart and have two children.  Then I guess karma coins came due and I found myself divorced, unemployed and living back home with the parents.  What happened next you can read about in DIY Akashic Wisdom, Accessing the Library of your Soul.


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