How to Make the Best Love Spell Ever!

by on July 8, 2014


     Patty Pictured here(below) with her wonderful candle combo that helped her find love!  People will do most anything to guarantee finding their soul mate but we rarely look within to see if there is anything inside stopped up. The saying I always heard over and over again when i was single, “Love will show up when you stop looking.”I think we can all agree that the expression is infuriating to say the least but perhaps there is more to it than you think.  We panic about finding love and fill our insides with fear, self loathing, and doubt and that plugs up all that helpful energy of self confidence, love and optimism. So I say instead of not looking anymore (besides, I don’t even think that is possible!), give yourself a break and light a candle.  What did the trick for Patty was Happiness, Heart and Loves Enchantment Blessed Herbal Candle.  Try it out and tell us how it worked out on our Coventry Creation Facebook page!

Click here for more information about the Spell and how it worked:


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