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During my Book Launch I did a bunch of interviews about my favorite subject,

Being Healthy and Staying Healthy!

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brought out by these fabulous Talk Show Hosts.

Keep it Magic with Storm Cestivani and Jacki Smith. What is so special about this interview is that Jacki Smith is my sister and business partner.  Join the love fest and Jacki and Storm talk about healing, me and the book that happened when the two got together.


Barbara White and Pat Krajovic, December 6, 2011. Barbara and I have an interesting discussion on Alternative healing for women.


Linda Nuss, December, 2011. This is a delightful interview where Linda and I talk about making healing into a journey.



Dan Hanneman, December 13, 2011. Dan and I get into our favorite subject, Alternative healing.


Lynn Serafinn December 14, 2011. Lynn and I talk about the truth that everyone is a healer.


Margaret Ann Lembo, December 16, 2011. I had a lovely visit with Margaret Ann and we talked about my book Healers Almanac.



Teri Williams, December 19, 2011. Teri and I chatted about our own responsibility in healing ourselves.—Patty-Shaw-Healers-Almanac.html

Andrea Hylen, December 23, 2011. Andrea and I talked about the gift of letting go of the past pain so you can heal.


Irina Wardas, December 28, 2011 Irina and I talked about trying something different to reduce stress and create health and happiness.


KathrynYarborough, Everyday Spirituality November 17, 2011  This was a really cool discussion about how to make our spiritual practice make sense after the workshop is over.


John Rakestraw, December 31 I spent some time with John talking about writing, editing, cover art, publishing and marketing. All the things an author needs to know whether they self publish or not. 
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Deb Hanneman January 23, 2012. Deb and I had a lively discussion on how be a new age mom by using meditation and Bach Flower Remedies to help her family be happy and peaceful.

An Article on Healers Almanac by Teri Williams

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