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It was found that I have a large left sided adnexal cyst 10.2 x 9.0 x 7.5 cm. This brain disorder destroys myelin viagra xanax online the protective sheath that surrounds the brain's neurons -- the nerve cells that allow us to think and to control our muscles.

i also get an adrenaline rush if there is a crowd watching me or if there is someone i am trying to impress watching when i compete. The "Services" for purposes of this Privacy Policy means the Sites, the Apps and all information and services provided to you in connection with your use of the Sites and Apps including, without limitation, news, reference content, tools, applications, sponsored programs, advertising, email communications, continuing medical education and discussion boards.

The adrenal medulla produces hormones called catecholamines such as adrenaline and noradrenaline. A street racer's life is turned upside down after a near fatal car crash viagra xanax online leaving him semi paraplegic. The adnexa of the uterus includes the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Other names for it are adrenomyeloneuropathy viagra xanax online childhood cerebral ALD, and Schilder-Addison Complex. provider: A physician or other supplier of medical services or equipment. The age of onset of problems viagra xanax online the rate of the disease progression, and the life expectancy can vary very considerably even between affected brothers but, sadly, although some boys or young men may live into mid-late teens and beyond, many are likely to be in a state of unresponsiveness within a few years, or even months, of the onset of symptoms. Web-based reporting is available and providers are encouraged to report electronically to promote better timeliness and quality of safety data. The incidence of ALD has been estimated to be 1:17.000 newborns. Loes MD and is an important tool in assessing disease progression and the effectiveness of therapy. To discuss the effect of certain factors on the occurrence of Adverse Drug Reactions . Sign up to receive WebMD's award-winning content delivered to your inbox. carcinoma In situ: A malignant tumor that is localized, circumscribed, and noninvasive .

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Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 8 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Charlene M. Proctor whose book The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You launches on Amazon on Tuesday April 24, 2012.

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Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D. is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a “Deeksha” facilitator trained by the oneness guides from Fiji and India. She is the bestselling author of Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking and The Women’s Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems Into Moments of Potential. Her Midwestern sensibility and spiritual approach to self-empowerment has helped thousands awaken to their Divine magnificence within.

Author Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D. has written a new book that brings us back to the Essence of true spirituality. The book, entitled The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You, is a rich mix of science, spirituality and mysticism that transcends the boundaries of religion, and uplifts the reader to that place of Oneness. An ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a Deeksha facilitator trained by the oneness guides from Fiji and India, Charlene’s mission in life is to help awaken to their Divine magnificence within all humanity.

Yesterday, Charlene visited Eva Gregory at clonazepam vs alprazolam xr , where they talked on her story, Oneness Movement and Divine Human.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Charlene when I got to ask her some questions on cutting cords, biggest disease and deeksha. I hope you enjoy it.


Patty Shaw: I would love to hear your thoughts on why cutting the cords of past issues and old programming is so vitally important.

Charlene M. Proctor: Filtering life through “old programming” is such a widespread experience that many people feel they are living life unconsciously. Their reaction to current day situations stems from past behaviors or experiences that prevent them from living a full life. Old programming is the carryover of emotional patterns. We inherit these patterns from culture and our families. Negative statements like “you are not good enough” are examples. Religion is responsible for a lot of societal conditioning, as well as old traumas, dramas, or stories. This becomes a ‘knee jerk reaction to life’ and results in a person living on autopilot where every experience is filtered through old messages.

A step toward personal growth is a willingness to release the past and chose the present moment, to a life that is filled with joy and awareness of what is. Being aware of life and just seeing reality for what it is is part of awakening to a full life filled with joy. Just see. See yourself clearly and situations for what they are.

To be consciously aware of the present and fully experience life—both good and bad—is to be fully engaged in life. Being present is the only way to find joy and see what’s in front of us. It doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the future. It means the past, in the form of resentments, unforgiveness, and old memories or old, negative feelings, does not help us with how to live today. So, part of your spiritual self-development is to be aware of when the past informs the present, learn to recognize old conditioning, and practice seeing the present for what it is.

Patty Shaw: What is the biggest disease of Western culture?

Charlene M. Proctor: There will always be suffering. We suffer when we don’t fully live through the present moment, feel the pain of it (if there is pain) and embrace it. The East is teaching us that we, in the West, are experts at suffering management. We stuff our suffering, go to therapy, eat, drink, complain, get mad at our families, run away, watch TV, shop more, or look for love in the wrong places. We don’t face our suffering head on and allow it to fill us. We don’t want to feel it and stay with that pain. Even old emotional charges, which are the residue of old suffering, need to be faced head on until they pass. Westerners think the way to deal with suffering is to contain it and manage it. That is not the key to living in joy and the way to fully experiencing life.

In the West, our minds are running our lives. Rather than being a work-servant to our lives, our minds are obsessed with the past and the future. We chose to allow old conditioning, and ‘autopilot living’ dominate our experience, rather than fully immersing ourselves in the present. Also, we carry too many emotional charges and traumas. These charges become stuck in our koshas, the energy layers which cause us physical distress. To fix all this, we identify with our old stories, as well as our physical bodies instead of our spiritual selves, and wind up as seekers seeking everything from happiness to more pleasure, instead of seeking ‘essence.’

Also, we don’t know our own divinity and don’t feel connected. All suffering originates in the belief in separation. Sin is our belief in separation from God, the Good, in consciousness. Our salvation is now—not something that occurs after death. It happens whenever we turn our thoughts from fear, anxiety, worry and doubt to thoughts of love, harmony, joy and peace. The ‘fall’ that religion has frightened us with simply takes place in consciousness whenever we fall into negative habits of thinking. Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not geographical locations. We make our own heaven or hell here and now by our thoughts, words and deeds. It would be great if we could release all these fears.

Judging by the amount of people I see attending spiritual programs, I would say people are looking to create a level of awareness. Many have been seeking for so long they are caught up in the seeking process. Enlightenment is not the end of the road. It is simply waking up. It is shifting from living from the mind and thinking from the heart. You learn to disengage from the mind (no, we don’t stop thinking of course) but disengage from old emotions, habits, assumptions, traumas, conditioning, and living life through masks you have constructed in order to survive. That is the true transformation.

Patty Shaw: I am intrigued by your experience with receiving ‘deeksha’ from spiritual masters. What is it like? What is deeksha?

Charlene M. Proctor: The Oneness Blessing, or deeksha, is the transfer of intelligent, sacred energy which initiates a journey into a higher state of conscious awareness. It brings an experience of oneness with all of creation and with the Divine Presence. This phenomenon is an interfaith gift meant to shift our perception that the sense of the separate self is an illusion. Anyone can receive the blessing no matter what their wisdom tradition or religion. This unique blessing initiates a neurobiological change in the brain, helping to free the senses from the constant chatter of the mind. Over time, most people experience clarity and are open to more love, joy, and peace in all areas of their lives.

It is a hands-on transfer of power to the head. Areas of the frontal lobes are activated, while other parts of the parietal lobe get deactivated. For the recipient, mind chatter is calmed. Deeksha invites a peaceful feeling. Many people change their perception of reality, known as the enlightened state, and report feeling better, experiencing sound sleep, and having more intuition.

Since the Oneness Blessing is an immersion in the presence of God, it initiates spiritual awakenings on many levels so he or she may become more receptive to their own evolution and live in deeper connection to the Divine. It is different for everyone. The first time I received a blessing, my kundalini opened, which felt like a snake, or a garden hose, moving back and forth from the top of my head to the bottom of my spine. I lived like that in a continual state of motion until I went to Fiji to meet and work with the Indian dasas to regulate this energy.

Over the years, I have had many mystical experiences after receiving the blessing, such as emotional charges clearing from my body, my heart chakra opening, going into heighten states of awareness, and seeing the Divine Intelligence. Once you see God, you can never believe that your life is disordered. The Intelligence is amazing, there are no words in our language to describe it fully, only know that whatever you want, need, or ask for, God works immediately to put it into your experience, and re-order your life to make it happen. It reminded me that life is a conscious creation, between us and the Divine, and we work together to create any reality we desire.

© Charlene M. Proctor Ph.D. The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You. All Rights Reserved.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Charlene M. Proctor and that you’ll check out her book

The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You

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THEN…When you buy The Oneness Gospel on Tuesday April 24th, 2012, you’ll also receive:

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Thanks for reading! As usual, please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

AND… be sure to follow Charlene tomorrow when the next stop on the Virtual Blog Tour is Krystalya Marie’, who will be interviewing Charlene on tips to increase our light, deeksha and grace. To visit that “stop” on the tour, go to xanax s 302

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Bhagavan says that by practicing being in the present every day this becomes a meditation that assists Awakening.

I like that our salvation becomes transforming our thoughts and feelings into the positive higher vibrational emotional states.

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