Four steps to creating your Village

by Patty Shaw on November 29, 2015

I’ve been keeping my eye on Integrative Medicine.  On a national level more and more hospitals are creating whole departments dedicated to helping their patients have access to holistic therapies during a hospital stay.  It’s wonderful and for many, a dream come true.  There’s the catch though. There may not be one of these hospitals near you.  The other catch, holistic care provided by a hospital does not mean it’s covered by insurance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea.An apple a day

To recap, holistic care is treatment that keeps the mind, body and spirit connected at all times. Even a therapy as physical as massage will nurture the mind and spirit. The MBS connection is what helps us heal faster and more deeply. It is what has been missing in the fast paced world of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. As powerful and curative they can be, allopathic medicine needs holistic therapies to help it treat the whole patient. This co-operative effort is like having both mom and dad in the room to make sure you are going to heal and heal completely.

So here is how this marriage of healing practices can work for you, no matter where you live. Sometimes you can find this all set up for you in a wellness center and as integrative medicine branches out you will find wellness centers popping up everywhere. Until then I suggest you do this,

  1. Create your village. Find and develop a relationship with a Family doctor, massage therapist or body worker, Reiki practitioner or energy worker and psychologist, spiritual counselor or shaman.
  2. Tell them what you want to accomplish. You want to heal yourself in a holistic way by considering your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health every time something needs attention.
  3. Share information from each practitioner with the other. If one is not able to get on board, find a different practitioner or doctor.
  4. When something does come up, like a needed surgery, you will already have at your disposal the massage therapist who will make sure your body is relaxed before the surgery and your muscles say relaxed afterward while you are healing. Your reiki practitioner will prepare you spiritually, emotionally and mentally for what you are about to go through with powerful energetic support called unconditional love. The cornerstone of reiki healing.  After the surgery reiki will help your body release the trauma and heal faster. A spiritual counselor or shaman will help you understand the connection between your body’s ailment, your emotional and mental state and the spiritual lesson behind the experience.

Finally, place this kind of care in your budget. If you are having a hard time justifying the cost of a massage or a reiki session, think about this. Your happiness, your wealth, your longevity and quality of life are directly related to the way you love yourself. If you are not balanced in the way you take care of you, you will find imbalances in your life and health. A classic example of this is when you only love the bling or the way you decorate your bod. Those who do this neglect their mind and emotions and will suffer.  This is not a sustainable way to live. Unhappiness caused by feeling unfulfilled is just as destructive as cancer.

Holistic care does combine prevention, healing and nurturing.  Bringing it into your health care routine can save you from a health crisis that could require surgery, or dependency on pharmaceuticals with their awful side effects. Think healthy lifestyle and you are half way there to a body mind spirit connection.  Add holistic care you will be guaranteed a life lived in balance and that is a happy healthy successful life.

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