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Here are the 12 Goddesses, who can’t wait to start working with you!

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January, Rebecca Goddess of Responsibility “I understand the complexities of a changing life. I will  help you stand strong while you refocus and become the responsible being you are.”  You’ll need a candle,  and incense for this meditation. 

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February, Meredith Goddess of Balance “The world you live in is a continual dance of light and dark. Let me bring a balanced mind and heart to all your decisions.”  You’ll need two candles, one white, one black and a fresh rose bud in a vase of water for this meditation.

Down load for Meredith’s Meditation



March, Deirdra Goddess of Passion “I will weep tears of joy to soften your fortress.  My laughter will ignite your desire to feel passion once again.”  You’ll need a hand held drum and drum stick and a candle for this meditation.

Down Load for Deirdra’s Meditation



 April, Monica Goddess of Hope “Don’t be afraid, I’m here to lead you through your darkest hour. Together, we’ll go into the light of hope, and you will make your way.”  You’ll need three candles for this meditation.

Down Load for Monica’s Meditation



 May, Jessica Goddess of Careers “Every life is precious and worth the effort put into living it.  I will help you create a life full of joy and accomplishment.”  You’ll need a burgundy candle and your questions about your career or job for this meditation.

Down Load for Jessica’s Meditation



 June, Kathleen Goddess of Gardening “I have never been to a garden I couldn’t mend. Let me tend to your garden, and together, we will create a paradise.”   You’ll need a green candle for this meditation.

Down Load for Kathleen’s Meditation



July, Olivia Goddess of Evolution “Your evolution is about adapting to the changing you.  Let me liberate you from the outdated patterns that keep you from your destiny.” You’ll need a Green candle for this meditation (you can use the same candle you used for your June meditation).

Down Load for Olivia’s Meditation



 August, Amanda Goddess of Stewardship “The role of a leader is a powerful place to be. Acting as steward means being there in service as well as control.”  You will need a gold candle for this meditation.

Down Load for Amanda’s Meditation



September, Sarah Goddess of Sisterhood “Come join me in the healing, nurturing womb of the sisterhood. We will band together to heal ourselves and then the world.”  You will need a white candle and a hand held mirror for this meditation.

Down Load for Sarah’s Meditation



 October, Kristen Goddess of Shadow and Light “Love is all there is, even in the dark, I will shine light into your shadow-self and show you the power of love.” You will need a river stone about the size of an egg and a blue candle for this meditation.

Down Load for Kristen’s Meditation



 November, Anna Goddess of Empowerment “Let me be the wind beneath your wings that take you to the heights attainable when you empower yourself.”  You will need an orange candle and a clear quartz crystal for this meditation.

Down Load for Anna’s Meditation



 December, Katelyn Goddess of Individuality “I stand here waiting to bask in the glory of you. Let me see your light and join you in the celebration of your unique individuality.” You will need a yellow candle and a hand held mirror.

Down Load for Katelyn’s Meditation




I hope you enjoy working with the goddesses as much as I have.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at: patty@healingwithpattyshaw.com

Love your light,




Patty Shaw

Author, Spiritual Healer, Candle Goddess



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