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Akashic Wisdom, 

Accessing the Library of your Soul

By Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw

Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw






The Big Question

Seekers of all ages, spiritual backgrounds and demographics want to know the meaning of their life.  Not only that, they want to know why they struggle, have bad luck or get passed over when we have so much to offer.  Why isn’t there a map that guides us along the terrain of the hills, valleys and jungles of our life?

The Answer

There is a map and it’s called the Akashic Records, and they are so easy to get to, it’s ridiculous.  So why don’t more people take advantage of this Free inside offer?  It’s because they don’t know that they are already locked and loaded and their personal Akashic GPS is up and running constantly.  The key to understanding this map is simply awareness and a few map reading lessons.

In this book, Do it Yourself Akashic Wisdom, Accessing the Library of your Soul you will be taken step by hilarious step into finding and opening the door to your own Akashic records.  Then, taught how to move around the maze of information and metaphors found there to answer questions, learn life lessons and create new and improved versions of yourself. DIY meme Taking a risk

This book is for you if you love to explore your inner worlds and overcome personal limitations through honest introspection and understanding. Checking out a few past lives could be exciting too.

How do we do that?

Authors, Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw take you through their own experiences with the Akashic records and share their expertise in the only way they can; light hardheartedly with a side of pure inspiration and understanding that we are all people in process.  With their guidance and encouragement, they will show you that anyone can access their Akashic records and work with the guides and information found there safely and effectively

 About The Authors

Jacki lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and daughter, where she runs three businesses, teaches classes, consults spiritually, hosts “Keep it Magic Radio” and runs amuck. Coventry Creations is her life’s work, having spent twenty-plus years dedicated to making magic happen every day.

Patty also lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and cat, Venus. She is the chief candle goddess at Coventry Creations and an author, teacher, Reiki master, healer, and all-around saint (her staff elected her to that office). Patty is also co-founder of the School of Akashic Healing, where she trains others in the Akashic healing methods.

You can contact both Jacki and Patty through, where you can book an Akashic record healing session with either sister.


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